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Spending a few hours for work in the Big Apple ? Such trips can often be exhausting and working in small coffee shops isn't always easy. can help make your short stay much more relaxing and productive. As you know, it isn't always simple to find a hotel by day in the city and we can help you with that ! Whether you want to nap or to work in a hotel our selection of Hotels By Day in New York will satisfy your every needs ! The idea of having room for a day can seem strange for some, and yet why not rejoice in the comfort of a hotel just for a few hours ? Not only are our Hotels By Day in NY comfortable and cozy, we have some of all kind of styles, standards, locations and for all type of budget! Being a day guest has never bees as nice as in our numerous day hotels rooms.

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Still not convinced ? You only have one solution : try out one of our Hotels by Day in New York and check for yourself ! With our exclusive discounted rates, you don't even need a reason to enjoy a room ! Thousands of clients have trusted our day hotels in New York, why shouldn't you ? In transit, our airport hotels are ideally located to assure you a relaxing sleep in between two flights. The different hotels we offer welcome you for different time slots depending on your needs and wishes. Day to day reservations, free of charge cancellations and a dedicated team assure you a personalized and state of the art service ! Not enough ? We even have hotels in Chicago and in different cities ! Our offer is present throughout 25 countries to promise the best to our clients!

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Boutique hotels, luxury hotels, chain hotels and small independent hotels are all part of our hotels portfolio. In financial districts or right next to some of the city's biggest attractions, you are sure to find your ideal location. Our hotelbyday NY have been carefully chosen to ensure a great service and modern, en-suite rooms, and thus lead to a fabulous customer experience.

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