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What do you think of when I mention daytime hotel reservations? Do you think of seedy by-the-hour motels that you probably would be horrified by if you took a blacklight to them?

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There is definitely a stigma attached to renting a room for a few hours in the middle of the afternoon. Sure, maybe you have the expendable income and just want a comfortable place to take a nap. That's entirely possible -- but no one would believe you.

One Parisianhospitality startup is taking the concept of daytime hotel reservations and making it classy, convenient, and dare I say, desirable. Dayuse is one of France's hottest startups and closed the largest European Startup Series A investment round in 2015.

The platform partners with hotels in major cities, allowing users to reserve hotel rooms for a few hours in the middle of the day, when these rooms are typically lying empty in between nighttime guests. Dayuse is currently available in multiple cities in Europe and North America, but plan to use their recent funding, in part, to expand to cities on every inhabited continent.

As with any startup, Dayuse has overcome some challenges in starting up. Here is a quick Q&A I did with Dayuse head of U.S. sales, Lorenzo Sciotti.

When I think of daytime hotel bookings, I think of somewhat seedy by-the-hour motels. Did Dayuse face any challenges in getting hotels to agree to trying out this model given the implications of daytime hotel bookings?

Our company has been created by hospitality professionals, we understand how hotels work. This is why each hotel has a tailor-made offer that does not impact their overnight business and current organization. We create a win-win situation that allows hotels to rent their rooms twice a day and generate an additional revenue stream.

In the process we had to address the stigma attached to daytime reservations, shifting the model towards a business clientele and matching the growing demand of business travelers looking for a remote office.

How has a background in hospitality help the founding team with their success?

Yes, one of the reasons for the success of is that the founder and his team come from the hospitality industry. Founder of, David Lebée, held various positions with Costes, Accor and Starwood. During this time, he was frequently confronted with a clientele in need of a room for the daytime only and nothing to meet the offer. This, combined with the knowledge that 70 percent of hotel rooms are empty during the day, helped spark the idea for The company was founded with the goal of generating a new revenue stream for hotels.

What sets Dayuse apart from others in the space? was created by hoteliers for hoteliers.There are a few local companies popping up, which is a testament to the success of the concept we introduced. But we are the first platform created for daytime hotel bookings, and Dayuse.comis the only platform developed on a global scale, giving customers a larger network of hotel partners to choose from when traveling around the world. The experience of our team, the quality of our hotel partners, an excellent customer service along with the deals we negotiated for our clients, truly set us apart.

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