Published on| 02/10/2018 I Direct link is a widely used and an awesome application which is probably the first solution if you are looking for hotels rooms for some time during your while busy day. allows you to get into a hotel room by easily booking a beautiful hotel during the day at almost 75% cheaper price than those of the night. This application lets you move into three as well as five-star hotel with more than 3k hotels in over 16 countries at affordable prices. is a highly ergonomic, interactive, intuitive, and easy to use application which provides all the practical info of an establishment on one page, and you can interact with the prices, schedules, as well as reservations with simple clicks. brings an intuitive search engine with more functionality so that you can have a number of filters such as amenities, duration, location, arrival time, hotel type, and more. It is an ideal solution for working quietly in the hotel, organize an interview or a photo shoot, offer a luxurious hotel at reasonable price, relax with a nap, and enjoy your time with your besties at somewhere else. So just download to enjoy relaxing, and working with co-workers at a peaceful state for a few hours.

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