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Book a hotel room by the hour in Miami now! You have a few hours to spare and you don't know what to do? Is it scorching outside and you're looking for a cooler place? It's possible to book a hotel room just for a few hours on!

Hourly hotels in Miami : perfect to escape the sun

We know what you think when we say Miami : sea, sand, sun, palm trees but above all crazy parties. We all remember the lyrics from Will Smith's song Miami "Party in the city where the heat is on, all night on the beach till the break of dawn". That doesn't mean you have to party if you're in Miami, you may not be a party animal. You can enjoy Miami Beach in the daytime, but sometimes, it's just too hot outside. That's when Dayuse comes in.

It's cool to walk along the beach, admire the palm trees and relax in Bayfront Park but you're always sweating because of the heat and the humidity. allows you to book a room by the hour in Miami and have a good time there. Yes, it's possible to book a hotel room by the hour in Miami, in the daytime!

Hourly hotels in Miami : what you need for a daycation

Are you having a long layover in Miami, and you're just spending a few hours in the city? Or you're having an important meeting and you don't want to go to a café? Maybe you just want to relax, and you're looking for something original, not the beautiful but crowded beach? We offer hotels by the hour in Miami! Pick one hotel on our website, book the time slot (it's possible to book for the same day!) and pamper yourself in a luxury hotel!

We negotiated the rates, and you can save up to 75% on the regular night rate, meaning our hotels are affordable! You'll be able to enjoy all the hotel facilities : the restaurant, the bar, the gym, the swimming pool, the wellness center, the business center... Just like a regular guest! It's a pleasant break, and a good way to run away from your daily routine! Book your hotel by the hour in Miami now!

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