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46 day hotels in Washington

Enjoy Washington while having a place to rest, share a drink with colleagues at the end of the day or enjoy the spa, hammam and swimming pool with your special someone : there is always a day hotel for you, for a few hours or even the whole day !

Hotel by Day for a peaceful break in Washington


Washington is a very busy city, so if you want to relax for a few hours during the day, don't hesitate to book a hotel room by the day. You will be able to take advantage of the many services of a hotel, such as the fitness center, the heated pool, the spa or the bar to have a drink. But above all, you can have a day hotel room to take a little nap or simply regain your strength in a peaceful and neat space. Last but not least, day rooms have reduced prices and can be cancelled at any time !

Book a Day Hotel to have a good time

Day hotels are the solution to make any day a great day. You can have a work session and enjoy the bar to refresh yourself after a long day, or just book a room in a day to take advantage of some great amenities like an indoor pool or a sauna. Taking a room for the day is also a good way to have a sweet time with your special someone, cut off from the world. You will be able to take a drink and enjoy a good restaurant to end your little getaway

Transform your day in Washington with a Hourly Hotel 

With Dayuse, you can book a room for one or more hours, whenever and wherever you want in Washington during the day. It will allow you to have a quiet room for a work session or a little nap in a big bed. With a room for a few hours, you can also access all the great hotel’s amenities, such as diving in a heated pool, having a sports session or even taking a relaxing drink with friends and family. Hourly hotels give you a lot of discounts on room’s prices, all you need to do is enjoy !

Start your day in Washington

Book an early check-in room in Washington to start your day in a good way. A bit of sport, a hot chocolate, newspapers, or even some laps in a swimming pool… Early check-in hotels have everything you need ! Moreover, a room in the morning is flexible since you can cancel your booking at any time, and enjoy discounts. You will get a fresh start to begin your great day in the city and face all the meetings and tasks that are waiting for you the rest of the day. 

Sweet end of the day with a Late Break 

Days in Washington are very busy, and you feel the need to rest a few hours in a quiet place with a large and comfortable King Size bed ? Late check-in hotels are the perfect solution, since you can book a room at the end of the day to get a little nap, finish some work or dive into a jacuzzi. A spa can also help you to relax and eliminate stress and pain of the day. Book at any time your late check-in room to finish the day with a drink or have a good meal in the restaurant before your flight. Don’t worry, you can cancel for free at any time if something comes out of nowhere in your schedule !

Pamper your special someone with a Love Hotel 

Love hotels are mysterious and luxurious bubbles of pleasure to welcome your romantic getaway with the one you love. A few hours of passion and comfort to spice up the relationship in an intimate love room. All the amenities of a romantic hotel are there to complete your journey, with the pool, the hammam or the spa. A gourmet restaurant is also a good way to finish your romantic break and regain some energy for the rest of the day.

A cure of wellness in the day

Washington hotels have a lot of great and luxurious amenities, and booking a day hotel room allows you to access a spa, a hammam or a jacuzzi to relax and take care of yourself during the day. Daytime rooms are a peaceful and quiet place to rest and eliminate stress of the day, having a great nap and a wellness session. Book and cancel at any time, enjoy discounts and let the magic happen !