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141 day hotels in Los Angeles County

Need an escape away from the fuss of the city, book hotels by day in Los Angeles! Our hotels by day are also dedicated to our business clientele looking for a place to stay between meetings.

Hotel by Day in Los Angeles: I’m interested!

Curious about it? You only have one solution : try out one of our Hotels by Day in Los Angeles and check for yourself ! With our exclusive discounted rates, you don't even need a reason to enjoy a room ! Thousands of clients have trusted our day hotels in Los Angeles, why shouldn't you ? In transit, our airport hotels are ideally located to assure you a relaxing sleep in between two flights. The different hotels we offer welcome you for different time slots depending on your needs and wishes. Day to day reservations, free of charge cancellations and a dedicated team assure you a personalized and state of the art service ! 


Day Hotels in Los Angeles: try the experience!


The new day hotels have arrived in Los Angeles. The era of impersonal and soulless day hotels located next to a noisy highway is over. Nowadays, the usefulness of day hotels can't be denied and Dayuse shows you day hotels can be glamour and trendy.

Dayuse is an absolute revolution in the business of hotels in Los Angeles and anywhere in the world. What is the reason for day hotels' success? The possibility, thanks to Dayuse, to sneak into the finest romantic hotels for several hours during daytime hours, at affordable rates. 

Hourly Hotel in Los Angeles: the affordable luxury. 

You can book a hotel by the hour with your eyes closed in Los Angeles with Dayuse. We have created a selection of boutique hotels based on their location, design and quality just for you. Everything has been designed to allow you to book a hotel room for a few hours with ease! From two hours to the whole day, from early morning to late at night, define your needs and find the perfect hourly hotel for you in Los Angeles!

Early check-on hotels in Los Angeles

You just arrived in Los Angeles in the morning and you need a room? Are you looking for a hotel offering an early check-in in Los Angeles? offers a wide selection of hotels with early check-in.

It already happened to all of us. You took a long-haul flight, it's early in the in the morning, you just arrived in a new city, let's say Los Angeles, and you're extremely tired. The jet lag doesn't help and you're sleepy... You just want one thing, head to the hotel, check-in, and collapse on your bed. But... The check-in time is at 2pm! Meaning you have to wait for several hours before getting your room! How frustrating! You can either wait in the lobby or, in the meantime, go visit Los Angeles. But you're tired and need a shower, you don't feel like visiting Hollywood Boulevard! So you wait in the lobby, fall asleep on the couch, and wake up feeling like you wasted your time.

The prices are affordable, you don't even need a credit card to book your room since you pay when you check-in, and it's possible to cancel your booking at the very last minute for free! Book an early check-in hotel room in Los Angeles now!

Want to arrive check-in later than usual in Los Angeles? Check out our late-break hotels!

Thanks to you can now choose to book a room in Los Angeles exactly when you need it!
If you land in the middle of the afternoon and want to rest before another flight, if you want some time apart before a big evening, or you simply want to enjoy the spa, the pool or the gym of the hotel, you can choose the late-break in our selection of hotels in Los Angeles!


Fancy a love hotel in Los Angeles? Dayuse got you covered!

Dayuse offers its know-how to bring you the ideal love hotel in Los Angeles. Discreet, secret, it will always protect your intimacy. 

You can for example book a room without a credit card

Get creative in our Love hotels in Los Angeles, you don’t need to book a room for the night, from 2 hours to a whole day, surprise your significant other by doing things differently!

It will only take you a few clicks to choose the perfect hotel in the city. 


Some “me time” needed? Check-out the spa in our hotels in Los Angeles!


Hotels by day are not just for the room. You can also choose to enjoy all the amenities of the hotel: spa, sauna, hammam, pool…

You would prefer a massage? That’s fine! With you can also book a massage, directly in your room or in the hotel’s spa, depending on where you are booking in Los Angeles. 

Sometimes, if you feel like it, you can even book the spa only for you, you and your lover, your family or a group of friends.