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47 day hotels in Harris County

We have dozens of day hotels that are waiting for you in Houston, Texas. Relax, clear your mind and rest for a few hours in the daytime.

Discover the concept of Hotel by Day in Houston, the booking center of Hotel by day in Houston, offers hotel rooms by day at negotiated rates. Booking a hotel room by day is a great way to break the routine. Enjoy a luxury hotel at an affordable price. With rates negotiated by Dayuse, you can dive into a romantic and relaxed atmosphere thanks to an afternoon in your hotel room, without having to pay the price for a whole night, all the while enjoying the outstanding service of a luxury hotel. Hotel by Day in Houston, to discover your own city like you haven’t before!

A getaway in a day hotel without breaking the bank

Forget about your daily routine for several hours when staying in one of our hourly hotels in Houston and get a hotel reservation. You're about to stay in a unique setting and you will not break the bank, thanks to our negotiated prices that allow you to save up to 70% on the regular night rate. Staying in day hotels will quickly become your new habit. Located in the finest and most authentic parts of Houston, Day hotels will allow you to enjoy a nice getaway in the heart of the city. Day hotels are bookable within minutes, so in order to spice up your life as a couple or to spend some time away from the outside world, get the day hotel habit when you have some time to spare in the daytime. Book your day hotel now !

Hourly hotels in Houston: Break your daily routine


Thanks to, it's possible to book a hotel room hourly in Houston! We offer luxury hotels but also boutique hotels, design hotels, business hotels, budget hotels, chic hotels... It's possible to book the same day if needed, and you can stay as short as two hours, and up to 10 hours if you want to! Just check our website or our app! You can even call to book if you want to! We don't need your credit card number, all we need from you is your phone number and an email address. If you change plans, don't worry. You can cancel at the last minute for free! You don't need to wander in the streets of Houston, looking for something to do. Just book a hotel room by the hour in Houston!

Instead of going to a café or at the bar, why not book a room by the hour!? Let's do something different! For instance, you may need to work and have some quiet and peace. You may need an original place for a professional meeting. You may want to spend an unforgettable day with your partner. Or you may have some time to kill before hopping on a plane later. No matter what you're doing or what you need, we have what you're looking for. We negotiated the rates, and you can save up to 75% on the regular night rate. Our hotels are nice, comfortable and affordable. And you can use all the hotel facilities, just like a regular guest. Book your hotels by the hour in Houston now!


Need an early check-in in Houston? This is the right place!

Early check-in hotels in Houston are waiting for you. Relax, clear your mind and rest for a few hours during the daytime in Houston.

Early check-in hotels usage is being adopted worldwide for a variety of reasons. Treat yourself to a day of luxury, remain productive while away on business, turn a long layover into a moment of pure relaxation or simply play tourist in your city. In need of a hotel room for a morning, afternoon or a full day in Houston? has got you covered.


Our late check-out hotels are waiting for you in Houston!


The late break is often the best solution to relax, prepare for an event, keep yourself for yourself, or invite someone for a romantic date. 

Need a place to stay in the daytime in Houston? A hotel room in one of our numerous late check-out hotels allows you to manage your planning as you want to and to work, to set up a meeting with someone or just to relax and avoid the usual time constraints of traditional hotels. allows you to book a hotel room in the afternoon, and even early in the evening!

Try the love hotel experience in Houston now!

Have you heard of Love hotels yet? We have a selection of hotels in Houston that would be just perfect for your next romantic getaway. 

Spice up your relationship or surprise someone you have just met. 

That is now an easy thing to do thanks to Day use. You do not need to provide any credit card information as the payment is done directly at the hotel

You also can choose the time slot that suits you best, between morning and evening or even the whole day. 

Fancy a spa day at the hotel? Do that in Houston!

We might not think about it right away, but a hotel is not just about a hotel room. It is also possible to enjoy all of its amenities such as a spa, a swimming pool, a hammam or a sauna

If you love to get massages, in a luxurious, calm and original bubble, you can do that in one of our 3, 4 or 5 stars hotels. 

Directly in your room or down at the spa

Another way to treat yourself the way you deserve is to order from the Room Service menu, and get served directly in your room. 

Sounds fancy? Yes, but with prices up to 75% lower than the price of a hotel night, this is a luxury one can afford once in a while!