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Are you looking for a place to stay in the daytime to get some work done? Do you want to have some quiet and peace, far from the hustle and bustle in the city? Dayuse offers 9 to 5 hotels, you'll be able to work peacefully!

9 to 5 hotels are perfect to get some work done

More and more people are self-employed, doing some freelance and working online. The last few years, the number of digital nomads literally skyrocketed. That also means more and more people need a place to stay to get some work done. Work from home? No, you get easily distracted because of the TV, the noisy neighbors, your roommates... Go to a coworking space? No, the problem is the same, it's not that easy to stay focused... Why not book a room in a 9 to 5 hotel? You have your own room, you can work and have some quiet and peace, plus you have the comfort of a nice room just for you! That's the perfect combination!

9 to 5 hotels : a professional setting

People tend to not think about it, but it's actually possible to book a hotel room by the hour in the daytime. Moreover, when booking a room in a hourly hotel, you have access to all the hotel facilities, just like a regular guest. That means you can go to the restaurant to have lunch, it's possible to have a drink at the bar after your day of work, and you can even relax during your break and go to the wellness center to get a massage. If you need to arrange a meeting, it's also possible, since you can use the business center of the hotel. There's no reason not to book a room in a 9 to 5 hotel. Give it a try and you'll see by yourself, you'll quickly get used to it! Book a 9 to 5 hotel room now!

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