What is Daycation and (why do you Definately need one)?

Daycation is a “treat yourself day” away from work and other commitments. It’s a day to spend with your family, friends, loved ones, pet, or maybe just for some “ME, MYSELF, AND I time.

During the American market crisis of 2008, the idea of daycation was first introduced. Many households were subsequently obliged to cut their spending, which in turn limited their ability to take vacations. Many people began to (re)discover their closest surroundings as a result of not having enough money to travel overseas.

A daycation is rather a sustainable way to spend time away from home. It is synonymous with fewer environmental impacts, financial savings, and avoiding adding to the utter chaos present in some of the most popular tourist destinations on earth.

Daycation has several benefits like:

  1. A daycation relieves the stress that comes with planning a trip, like selecting hotels and packing numerous luggage full of frequently unworn clothes.
  2. It allows you to do things that you wouldn't otherwise be able to, due to your hectic schedule throughout the year.
  3. Daycations also benefit the local economy. Daycations are a great time to explore the neighborhood or spend a relaxing day at a hotel nearby.
  4. Another potential benefit of a daycation is discovering or rediscovering the beauty of your city or region, which we frequently overlook due to stress and the influence of habit.
  5. A daycation also teaches you to appreciate the moment as it is. 

At Dayuse.com, we offer you various experiences to relax and enjoy yourself. Here are the reasons why you definitely need a daycation :


You might be craving a tranquil retreat where you can catch up on the last book you read, chilling in a hot bathtub at a hotel with a delightful glass of bubbly. Perhaps you can even treat yourself to a luxurious relaxing spa. Or maybe make it a day to ‘DO NOTHING’ and lay all day in a comfy hotel bed with a face mask and your favorite music on or your favorite movie on TV binge eating on some carbs.

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You might be a busy parent, holding down the fort while also juggling various chores and a toddler. Grab your children's favorite floaties and hop in the car for a daycation at a pool or near the beach and spend some quality time with your family sipping on your favorite cocktail while watching your kids splash and play in the pool. And as an add-on, you can also get into a bubbly hot water tub later in a hotel room to relax and clean up yourself.

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You might want to catch on gossip with your old friend that you haven’t met for very long. So, here is the sign to go to book a comfy hotel, jump on the cozy bouncy bed, order some luscious food and wine from in-room dining (only if your tummy is not full of gossip), and spend a day with your friend watching your favorite movie or playing a game or just chilling in bed and remembering good old times.

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You might be wanting to spend some more quality time with your loved one and have been busy lately with a hectic work schedule. Take an off and plan a daydate with your loved one to a nearby hotel and book a spa, spend a day at the pool, or cuddle in the sheets the whole day watching your favorite movie binge eating on your favorite food from in-room service.

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