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HOTELS BY DAY : BOOK HOTELS IN AIRPORTS offers numerous hotels for day use at numerous airports. We have hotels by day in the biggest airports such as Laguardia, Newark and JFK in case of a long layover. All our hotels by day are equipped with soundproof rooms to make sure you can rest and relax in the best conditions possible. Be ready to embrace the rest of your journey without the stress inherent to traveling. Some of our day hotels also feature a spa or a swimming pool. Don't hesitate and treat yourself!


Book a hourly hotel room for the day at a reduced price compared to the regular one-night rate. We negotiated special rates in hotels by day to make sure your stay is extra special, even if it's just for a few hours during the day. Our team knows how important it is for you to stay in a quiet environment so we made a selection of the nicest hotels by day to make sure you will relax in the best conditions. Located in the heart of the big cities but also in the outskirts, all our hotels by day are easy to reach from public transportation.

Whether you need a day room for a few hours in a hotel by day or you're on a business trip, away from your office in your hometown, offers the possibility to have an office anywhere you go, organize meetings, but also rest, all at the same place! You can recover from jet lag, freshen up and get ready for your meetings in our hotels by day. Enjoy the WiFi and printing facilities in most of our hotels. With, it's easy to work in a hotel.


All our hotels for business are carefully selected to meet all your needs and requirements as a businessman or businesswoman. Our hotel partners are boutique hotels or luxury hotels always nicely decorated featuring everything you need to make your stay the most memorable. Day rooms will, no doubt, exceed your expectations with a rare quality of service. Whether you want to stay in vibrant Manhattan, or have meetings in lovely Miami we have plenty of hotels by day near you waiting for you.


Get the most of your stay thanks to our hotels by day! Optimize your time by having a room available for a nap between two meetings, recover from a hard jet lag, get an office with WiFi access and printing facilities, use the bathroom to freshen up before an important interview, use the meeting room to receive a client or a collaborator or just enjoy the swimming pool to evacuate stress accumulated in your everyday life. As a day guest you will benefit from all the amenities the hotels by day have to offer as well as a high quality service. Book your room by day on before your next business trip to make sure you get the most out of it.

HOTELS BY DAY : Frequently asked questions

✅ Can we book a hotel room for a few hours ?

You can make bookings for a few hours at any time. You don’t need a credit card to book a room as you pay at the hotel. Discover our Hotels by the hour.

? My plans are changing. What happens if I have an impediment?

By booking a day hotel with Dayuse, cancellation is free until the last moment. You gain flexibility and peace of mind, and can organize your schedule according to the vagaries of life. Book your day hotel now !

? Does an hourly hotel cost more?

No, it is even the opposite situation: you benefit from reductions of up to -75% compared to the price of a classic night. Dayuse lets you treat yourself and make your life easier at low prices!

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