Nap-worthy hotels

Need shelter downtown for a nap? Discover our selection of glamour and quiet day rooms that will welcome you a few hours, to take a break or for a nap.

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Napping is a real delight, but when can we really enjoy this little pleasure? On vacation, and maybe sometimes, on weekends, if you have enough free time. How many times have we dreamed to cut our day by a few minutes of napping at the hotel? Napping fans will be delighted to learn that it is now possible to check in hotels anytime in stylish boutique hotels between 11am and 17pm through Dayuse, the first platform to book hotel for day. Dayuse invites you to discover its selection of fine and intimate hotels for day, perfect to enjoy hours of napping at the hotel.


Sleep in a room during the day for napping peacefully

The hotel day use is selected according to strict criteria of discretion and elegance in the finest neighborhoods in your city. They are charming design hotels with a contemporary or more traditional ambiance, yet subtle. And escapades for your napping will be in a refined and confidential atmosphere.??Of course, the napping at the hotel can be shared. Napping at a romantic hotel in the us may become a completely new concept. Offering your loved one to cut off the world for a session of napping in a unique atmosphere is guaranteed to offer an new experience.

Treat yourself to hours of napping in a glamorous day use hotel at low cost

Napping at the hotel is not directed only to lovers. You can also enjoy napping in the hotel to recharge your batteries, in a comfortable and quiet transit hotel between two flights. Napping at the nearest 5 star hotel is a luxury that will not ruin you. Dayuse negotiated prices and reserve your rates up to 70% discount. Enjoy your city in a new way; put you out of time and out of noise for napping in the hotel during the day. What do you expect from the pleasures of napping at the hotel?

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