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Day rooms become more and more popular and if you don't want to be behind the times, you have to try one! People love hanging out in day hotels now! Moreover they're so useful if you're having a long layover. You don't have to wander in the long airport corridors waiting for your next flight. Just get a day room in one of our hotels at the Paris Orly airport and have a great time there!

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Get yourself a day room at the Paris Orly airport, and enjoy an unusual place of escape by itself. Imagine you just landed in Paris Orly airport. It's 10am, you're a little bit tired and you're already exhausted thinking about your next flight at 6pm later today.

What can you do in the meantime...? Leave the airport and go to Paris? You don't really want to, you're tired and you don't feel like visiting the city just for a few hours. You're gonna waste time going downtown, rushing to do what you want to, go back to the airport, etc... Let's wander in the airport then? Come on, you have 8 hours to kill! It's a long layover and you don't want to waste your time doing nothing.

Why not book a day room at the Paris Orly airport then? It gives you time to rest if you're tired in a comfortable hotel, to keep yourself to yourself and to relax. You can also spend a few hours working on your laptop in a nice setting if needed. Moreover you'll have access to all the hotel facilities, just like a regular client : have lunch at the restaurant, enjoy a nice cocktail at the bar, get a massage at the wellness center, stay active and run on one the numerous treadmills at the gym...

How to book your day room?

It's pretty simple, and it takes a few minutes only. Pick the day hotel you want to stay in, the time slots, and we'll show you the prices we negotiated just for you. Indeed, you can save up to 75% on the regular night rate. And yes, it's possible to book your day room at the Paris Orly airport on the same day. No credit card needed, just your phone number and an email address. Book a day room at the Paris Orly airport now!

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