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Staying in a day hotel is a custom being adopted worldwide for a variety of reasons. Treat yourself to a day of luxury, remain productive while away on business, turn a long layover into a moment of pure relaxation or simply be a tourist in your own city. In need of a hotel room for a morning, an afternoon or a full day? has got you covered.

The new day hotels arrived. The era of impersonal and soulless day hotels located next to a noisy highway is over. Nowadays, the usefulness of day hotels can't be denied and Dayuse shows you day hotels can be glamour and trendy.

Dayuse is an absolute revolution in the world of hotels, our company already attracted the coolest people all over the world. What is the reason for day hotels' success? The possibility, thanks to Dayuse, to sneak into the finest romantic hotels for several hours during daytime hours, at affordable rates. Dayuse invites you to discover the new day hotels in New York on


The innovation of day hotels is not a phenomenon reserved for a little part of the privileged classes. The day hotels selected by Dayuse are vetted and are discreet boutique hotels, thus becoming accessible to the greatest number of people during the day. The new couples will appreciate the great discretion of our day hotels, but all lovers will appreciate the upscale atmosphere and high standards of our hotels. For a nap, a romantic gift or just to relax, book a day hotel and enjoy all the things you can do there.


Forget about your daily routine for several hours when staying in one of our hourly hotels and get a hotel reservation. You're about to stay in a unique setting and you will not break the bank, thanks to our negotiated prices that allow you to save up to 70% on the regular night rate. Staying in day hotels will quickly become your new habit. Located in the finest and most authentic parts of New York, but also Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, etc… Day hotels will allow you to enjoy a nice getaway in the heart of the city. Day hotels are bookable within minutes, so in order to spice up your life as a couple or to spend some time away from the outside world, get the day hotel habit when you have some time to spare in the daytime. Book your day hotel now !

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