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Take a nap, you dream of it every day, yet very few of us manage to experience this delightful moment. Most of people take their lunches quietly behind their computers. But this has nothing to do with the pleasure of taking a nap stretched out in a comfortable bed. With the arrival of Dayuse in New York, you can now enjoy the benefits of a real nap.

The first platform of reservation of day hotels allows you to book a room for several hours during the day. Selected among the most trendy and friendly hotels in New York, our cool hotels offer multiple uses. The Dayuse hotel is ideal to work, for a business meetings, and of course to take a nap, alone or with your partner.

Fancy a break during the day, enjoy a nap in a day use hotel thanks to negotiated prices

If you are afraid of seeming lazy because you love naps, don't worry; you can treat yourself to a few hours of relaxation in complete secrecy. Our stylish boutique hotels were selected according to criteria of comfort, refinement and discretion. Take a nap in a hotel day use is insurance to enjoy a truly relaxing afternoon. Take a nap: it's never wasted time. Napping relaxes you, increases physical and mental performance, in short, the nap is ideal for recharging batteries.

Book a day room at the hotel with lightness and freedom for a nap in the city

Dayuse negotiated rates and allows you to take a break during the day at the hotel at the lowest prices. Do not hesitate to book your day room.

The pleasure of a nap at the hotel is available easily and discreetly. Indeed, if you want your small escapades during the day to remain secret, booking a glamour hotel for day usage doesn't require bank details, just one SMS to confirm your reservation. With time slots going from 12pm to 6 pm, treat yourself to a restful nap or take a naughty nap when you wish.

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