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Hotels near Paris Airports
Want to relax for a few hours quietly while waiting for your next plane? Why not treat yourself to a glamorous hotels near Paris airports?
Day Let Hotels
Instead of surfing the net for hours to find a quiet place to stay during the day, book a Daylet hotel.
Book a hotel room for the day
Book a hotel room for the day with Our hotel partners offer the perfect daycation for you and your partner.
Hotel meeting
The idea seems preposterous, but it nevertheless attracts more and more people. A meeting hotel guarantees a unique experience and a positive impact on your coworkers.
Transit Hotel
On your next trip, why not go to a daytime hotel to rest between flights. Dayuse offers to book a room during the daytime in a transit hotel. The Day Use transit hotel offers to welcome you in real rooms by the hour, which are comfortable. Why not treat yourself to a bit of glamour to rest for a few hours before continuing your journey. A day use hotel can be used as transit hotel for business travelers or tourists spending the day downtown.
Work in a hotel
Why not be innovative and modern in the way you work? Have you ever considered working in a hotel during the day?
Business Hotel
Need to be isolated to get some work done? Set sail on a hotel day use. Authentic business hotel, it offers services tailored to the needs of the businessman. Everything is thought out and designed in our cool hotels to match the level of quality required by customers of a business hotel. Want a good shower or a rest in a day room to recover from jet lag; a business hotel welcomes you in the most prestigious and authentic districts of New York.
Day Guest
Dayuse invites you to discover a new style of hotel for day. Emboldened by the success in Europe, the leader of the hotel for day booking offers his demanding selection of stylish and fashionable hotels in New York.