A hotel room for the day Up to 75% off the overnight stay price

Business Hotel


Need to be isolated to get some work done? Set sail on a hotel day use. Authentic business hotel, it offers services tailored to the needs of the businessman. Everything is thought out and designed in our cool hotels to match the level of quality required by customers of a business hotel. Want a good shower or a rest in a day room to recover from jet lag; a business hotel welcomes you in the most prestigious and authentic districts of New York.

Make your business hotel your second office

Featuring the latest equipment and provided the latest technological innovations, the hotel business will allow you to organize a rendezvous or a meeting in a hotel in a contemporary atmosphere. True second office, the business hotel offers you the peace and quiet necessary to trade with your customers or employees. Selected by Dayuse among the best boutique hotels, the business hotel guarantees a warm welcome and a high-end comfort.

Make the choice of business hotel chic, quiet and discounted at the heart of the city

As intimate and discreet as it is for couples, a Dayuse hotel offers of a serene and soothing atmosphere conducive to business activity. Always ideally located downtown, the business hotel facilitates appointments. Organize your work sessions in the hotel business in a warm ambiance thanks to negotiated rates. When do you expect to call Dayuse services?