Are daytime hotel stays the latest travel trend?

We recently wrote about As You Stay, a new app that allows users to book hotel stays for several hours at a time.

Published on | 03/13/2017 I Direct link

Now, Day Use, a new French start-up, is gaining traction in Paris, London, and New York. The idea is similar to that of As You Stay, allowing you to book hotels during the day for a few hours at a time — for up to 75% less than you’d pay for a nightly booking.

While the two products are fairly similar, there are a couple of differences that may sway you one way or the other, depending on your preferences. As You Stay is available only as an app while Day Use is strictly available as a website. As You Stay seems to have more day-of and next-day availability — we did note that it was somewhat restrictive, as you could only book stays 24 hours ahead of time, but users are now able to book up to five days in advance — while Day Use allows you to book your stay up to a month in advance. As You Stay seems to have a larger selection of accommodations as well, and more options available for different amounts of time. If you’re planning a short stay, it’s worth checking out both of these to get the best deal.

Daytime stays seem to be increasing in popularity, both for customers and hotels. With the disruption of the hotel market by alternative accommodation options like Airbnb, hotel chains have been looking for ways to increase sales and revenue. But travelers who wish to take advantage of luxuries like room service and pool access, as well as business travelers making their way through big cities, also seem eager to make use of these new daytime-only options.

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