9 Travel Apps That Will Save Money

9 Travel Apps That Will Save Money


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 Published on wheretraveler.com | 29/05/2018 | Direct Link 


Best for: short-term hotel stays
Whether you need a quiet place to work, rest or clean up, Dayuse is the perfect app for when you need a hotel for a few hours only. When you reserve hotel rooms between 10 am and 4 pm you'll find prices up to 75 percent cheaper than the cost of overnight stays. Available on iTunes and Android


Best for: car rentals
This peer-to-peer rental app allows travelers to rent vehicles from local car owners sometimes 35 percent cheaper than rental agencies. Reserve your vehicle and the owner will drop off the car directly, deliver it to the airport or arrange a meet-up spot. The app is currently available in more than 4,500 cities. Available on iTunes and Android 


Best for: hotel rain check
Roomer can help you earn money back from nonrefundable hotel reservations or score a deal on unwanted hotel rooms. If you need to cancel your hotel reservation, list the room and let the app find travelers who want it. If you’re the one in need of a room, simply select the desired date and time and let Roomer search its database for hotel rooms that match your request. Available on iTunes and Android


Best for: flight compensation
AirHelp will let you know if you’re eligible for compensation. If your flight is delayed, canceled, overbooked or your luggage is lost, damaged or stolen, scan your boarding pass and the service does the rest. For successful claims, expect up to $450 back. Airhelp will pay all court fees and attorney fees, regardless of whether the case is won or not.  However, if the service wins you compensation then there is a Legal Action Fee, and the amount is determined by the length of the flight. Available on iTunes and Android 

Hotel Tonight

Best for: last-minute hotel reservations
When you need a hotel in a pinch, then Hotel Tonight is the app to use. The service finds nearby hotels with open rooms for the current day, next day and up to a week in the future. The highest discounts are offered during off-peak travel season. Available on iTunes and Android


Best for: cheap parking
Use this app to find the best and cheapest place to park your car. Search your city or enable GPS tracking, select how many hours you plan to park and let the service generate costs at nearby sites. Available on iTunes and Android 


Best for: deals on airline tickets
With constantly fluctuating flight prices, scoring the best deal can be difficult. Hopper is a flight search engine that sources fares from 250 airlines and displays the cheapest days to fly. Either choose a route and let the service notify you when fares fall or rely on the apps use of historical data to predict which days flight prices are likely to rise or fall. Available on iTunes and Android


Best for: flight compensation
The online mobile service can help you rebook canceled or delayed flights without having to call airline customer service or wait in long lines. While only available for domestic flights, the average cost for a one-way ticket is $19 and about $34 for a round-trip ticket. Sign up here for the rebooking service before your next trip. 


Best for: cheap gas
GasBuddy displays gas prices at nearby gas stations, so you can fill up at the lowest-priced pit stop. Gas prices are contributed by GasBuddy users; each time a user enters the price from a gas station points are earned and turned in for the daily drawing for a $100 gas card. Available on iTunes and Android