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Have you ever reserved a day room after an overnight flight?

Published on| 05/16/2019 I Direct link

Booking a day room hotel

The website had a few good options. For each hotel, it tells you the hours during which you would have access to a room — typically you’d have access for between 3 and 8 hours, depending on the property. I ended up booking a room for between 10 am and 4 pm at a place called Hotel Victoria 4, near the Puerta del Sol. The total price was just 50 Euros (to be paid at the hotel upon arrival).

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How to get a hotel room for a few hours or a day

How to get a hotel room for a few hours or a day was founded in 2010. has more user-friendly interfaces than Between 9 and 5, even though it covers less countries. You can access...

Work in a hotel

Work in a hotel

Why not be innovative and modern in the way you work? Have you ever considered working in a hotel during the day?

Business Hotel

Business Hotel

Need to be isolated to get some work done? Set sail on a hotel day use. Authentic business hotel, it offers services tailored to the needs of the businessman....

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